Zach's IMS 201a

Going back to the very beginning of the class, which was about three years ago if I remember correctly, the Internet isn’t quite as protected as it should be. And this is one of the most prominent examples of that. The FCC passed some extremely LIGHT net neutrality laws and the Republicans in Congress were upset that these laws represented the Government interfering with the “free-market.” Unfortunately, the invisible-hand of Capitalism will NOT work with the Internet as it did NOT work with radio and TV (try to start a radio/tv station or get a new cable provider and see how that turns out). 

The Internet is not the economy. The Internet is free-speech. We have learned again and again that we must fight for free-speech. However even as this bill got defeated in Congress (Obama pledged a veto so a pass would have just been a waste of time), there is another lovely bill being worked on called the Protect IP Act. This bill will destroy the Internet, plain and simply. Web 2.0 will be gone. Sites will become responsible if users post links to piracy sites, or copyright infringe or whatever. Which would destroy almost all of the Internet, you cannot make sites responsible for what people post, it’s ridiculous. 

Anyway, this relates to class in a multitude of ways. First, we have net neutrality and what it means for the Internet to be on an equal footing for everyone and why the Internet cannot regulate itself via the free-market. We need protection. And also, the Protect IP Act is ridiculous and murderous toward the Internet. These bills could decidedly change the future of the Internet in the complete negative. Nothing good can come from the Internet not remaining neutral nor can anything good happen if “rogue sites” that contain copyright materials or facilitate copyright infringements. 

//self-important Internet rant = done